Start-up in Norway

Moi powerstation back in production!

The 19th of February,  1 pc CK1300S returned on the national grid in Norway. CKTAB serial no. 133 produces green, sustainable energy! We congratulate and are proud of the confidence given us.moiweb



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No. 135, 136 Diana I & II

Courage, power and endurance...

useful to may – CKTAB congratulates Tovareds Kraft to succesful start-up! In one of the sweetest powerstations,  2 pcs CK235 are producing environmental friendly power, named Diana I and Diana II.


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Lots of hurrahs!

To Dalasjö Powerstation who, with a CK500RH, drifted in year 2000, passed 100 000 productionhours first weekend in december 2013. Full power!

DALA 0074




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No. 134 on the net

The 15th of october Hemling powerstation was back on the net. Total time for renovation, approx 2,5 months. Removing old turbine, rebuilding stationhouse and putting one CK800 RM in. New cubicles and new governing system... 6 days after turbine delivery - start up. Not bad!


2013.10.04 - One CK800RM in the back... and heading north.bilen

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ryggsyverCompletly made in Sweden. Chinese-generators removed and replaced by silent, well balanced Swedish ones. The owner is happy to tell more...  CKTAB are proud of the lift in quality. The turbines has been serviced,  waterbearings had gone trough a rough time with erosion and flooding debris. Now is only a lack in water...

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