No. 129, Beautiful Halla

Halla powerstation with one CK1300SEXT began delivering to the Swedish grid the of July this summer. CKTAB is honored.halla2

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No. 120 Fröseke on the grid

1 pc CK1000RM-4 semi kaplan hydropower turbine returned to production on the national net just before X-mas 2012. Cargo & Kraft Turbin Sverige AB are proud contractors!

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No. 127 Billsta delivering


Cargo & Kraft Turbin AB have completed a turn-key project int he renovation of Billsta hydropower station, owned by Jämtkraft AB.

In good co-operation with local sub-contractors CKTAB have installed 1 pc CK1000-RM4 semi kaplan hydropower turbine  with suctiontube, new governing system, renovated waterways and intake whilste adjusting building from 19th century to the new solution.

Drifting in the beginning of november 2012. This was turbine delivery number 127. It´s all about small scale hydropower production!

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No. 122 and 123 up and running


Svanshammar and Gopa in Dalecarlia are on the net again. 1 pc CK800RM-4 in each station, one with head 13 m and the other 11 m head. Turns OK!

Both stations furnished with semi kaplan hydropower turbines in a closed housing. All for small scale hydropower production and the future!

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5 pcs CK1300SEXT


In the river of Flisa in Norway, is the powerstation Syversætre Foss AS situated. CKTAB were trusted to deliver 5 pcs CK1300SEXT-4 semi kaplan hydroturbine, open flume with closing devices, for the new-built station. Head, about 6 m with big fluctuations in flow – little during summer and enormous during spring flood. With CKTAB-solution the owners gets all opportunity to follow flow in all known situations. Possible to run one turbine, or full thrust through all five! And still, small scale hydropower at its best!

All time high, so far, 2 700 kWh! Numbers in serie; 107 - 111.

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