5 pcs CK1300SEXT


In the river of Flisa in Norway,the powerstation Syversætre Foss AS is situated. CKTAB was trusted to deliver 5 pcs CK1300SEXT-4 semi kaplan hydroturbines, open flume with closing devices, for the new-built station. Head, about 6 m with big fluctuations in flow – little during summer and enormous during spring flood. With CKTAB-solution the owners gets all opportunity to follow the flow in all known situations. Possible to run one turbine, or full thrust through all five! Small scale hydropower at its best!

All time high, so far, 2 700 kW! Numbers in serie; 107 - 111.

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Of our mutual cooperation in India. CKTAB has during the years worked with Prakruti Ltd in Bangalore. Between us and with Hartwigsen Hydro in the US the CKTAB turgo-runner has been further developed. In India, among other countries, they are to be found in a lot of sites. Prakruti Ltd was given an award at the Millennium Alliance, November 2014 in New Delhi.

Category for award is Clean Energy/Climate change and the project descriptionfollows:

"The project aims to build a business in providing Pico hydro based home lighting in hilly areas. The 2 products are 
a. 150 W hydro turbine generator set, 48 V battery pack to provide Lighting and mobile charging power to 6 neighboring houses .

b. 300 W hydro turbine generator sets, 48 V battery pack to provide lighting, mobile charging power and one community TV point to 9 neighboring houses.

The product package consisting of the hydro turbine to generate power from low to high head is available. The balances of the components are off the shelf. The project is proposed at Uttarkashi and Rudraprayag districts of Uttarakhand. The delivery team at site has been identified and the action can start. The critical issues to be addressed in the project are the local delivery, local maintenance and local financing. Prakruti has significant experience on this in Karnataka. An innovative strategy has been proposed for the project. 
The project would deliver 100 such systems. The experience would be used to scale up the activity across Uttarakhand and other Himalayan hilly states. The potential is estimated at over 200,000 based on previous studies."

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